Campaign Priorities



In this time of crisis, the City has not done enough.  Our businesses, seniors, and frontline responders are suffering; many businesses have already closed.  Fountain Valley has a $12.5M “rainy day” fund, yet the City Council is reluctant to touch it.  I ask you: “If COVID-19 is not a storm, then what is?”  During challenging times, it is fiscally responsible to re-allocate city funds to protect our tax base and residents.  As your Councilwoman, I will advocate to:

  1. Support small businesses.  Provide clear medical guidance for re-opening, waivers, license & fee deferments, local sales tax cuts, loans to small businesses that did not get PPP.
  2. Promote public health.  Strong guidance for pandemic abatement, consistent enforcement of mask-wearing, social distancing, and avoidance of crowds to keep our numbers low.
  3. Protect seniors.  Operate a program to deliver food and medicine to seniors who are shut-in, especially those in Senior and/or Assisted Living apartments.
  4. Protect frontline providers.  Better assistance to healthcare workers.  Equity in pay and adequate PPE for firemen/paramedics.
  5. Protect children.  Clear, practical guidelines to school districts in our jurisdiction to protect children while providing quality education.


  1. Police data shows - Fountain Valley crime is 20% higher this year than in 2019. There's been a 52% increase in vehicle burglaries, 57% increase in commercial burglaries. 
  2. Many residents also feel frustrated with lack of communications and empathy from our officers when incidents do happen in their neighborhood.
  3. My Pledge: Support our police to increase presence, hire diverse talent to connect with ethnic communities, and improve communications to all residents.


  1. Did you know that in the past decade, jobs in the restaurant & accommodations industry grew 64% in our city, and that healthcare is our largest job-provider?  Yet the City has no master plan to invest in these areas. 
  2. Entrepreneurs see the City as slow, bureaucratic and unresponsive to their needs.  We need to update our institutions for a new economy. 
  3. My Pledge: Usher in a new way to do business.  Simplify small business regulations, invest in innovation, give small businesses a voice at the table with government.


  1. As a grassroots community activist, I've walked our streets and talked to hundreds of residents and businesses.  I hear your voices and frustrations.
  2. How many times have you heard City officials and staff reply to your issue with the mantra, "It's a state mandate and there's nothing the City can do" - and walk away?  I disagree, there's a lot more the City can do.  We can start with informing people.  Reach out, have clear, digestible information online, and don't wait until a confrontation to talk.  This is a low bar we are not even passing to-date.
  3. I will hold our government accountable to not just respond to issues, but also proactively create a healthy space for all residents to discuss and problem-solve the thorny ones together.  By doing so, we'll build a stronger community.
  4. My pledge: To be a bridge between citizens and City Hall, to bring our diverse community to the table, to always keep residents informed and included.