Why I'm Running

Dr. Mai-Khanh Tran, Fountain Valley


I'm running to ensure Fountain Valley thrives now and in the future.  I love our city and see so much potential in it, but this potential is in danger.  It's being stymied by our slow, outdated government processes, and by the pandemic at our doorstep.  I want to solve those problems and build a better city for our residents and our children.


During this historic time and going forward, our city does not need business as usual.  We need a doctor who knows how to keep us safe.  We need a businesswoman who understands how health impacts livelihood.  We need a Councilwoman who can think outside the box and innovate.  I will bring to City Hall my medical expertise, my experience running a small business, and my passion as a community organizer.  We will have diverse voices at the table and solve problems together.


A public servant should love to serve.  As a pediatrician, I've served Fountain Valley's families for 25 years.  In my spare time, I've led over 100 medical missions to care for disadvantaged people in Southeast Asia.  I co-founded the Damien the Leper Societywhere I served as medical director for two decades.  Locally, I've served on the Committee for the Disabled in Fountain Valley.  Wanting to help my community is in my blood, and I do it because it makes me feel whole.  I hope to earn the opportunity to serve you this November.